Addasound Crystal 2821

Classic Nordic Design, High-end Headset for Very Noisy Environments
SKU: Crystal 2821
P 2,800.00
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ADDASOUND always keeps pace with the developments of the call center industry in order to provide headsets that meet the special requirements of professional users. With its strong R&D background, ADDASOUND made Crystal 2821 an ergonomic noice cancelling headset especially for call centers and noisy working environments. Start working even more efficiently now!

Wideband audio processing, also applicable to VOIP communication
• Optimal design of sound chamber for improved call quality
• Directional noise canceling microphone reduces background noise and guarantees
clear communication in a very noisy work environment
• Neodymium magnet speaker delivers clear and powerful sound transmission
• 112dB maximum volume control protects hearing under intensive use
• Advanced evaporation technology to display premium appearance
• 180º horizontally adjustable ear cap and 300º bendable boom for customized fit
• Ergonomic and lightweight design for all-day comfort

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