Activity Factory

Small Plan Monthly Subscription For up to 20 users Includes: - Pre-designed workflows: Requisition Purchasing / Procurement Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Critical Task Workflow Regulatory Submissions - Unlimited Custom Workflows - 99.9 % Uptime - MS Azure SQL 500 GB Storage - Individual Database Setup / Private Storage - Backup - Phone and Email Support
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Seller: Paperless Trail
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SUBSCRIPTION PROCESS: Archive One & Activity Factory

1. Order Booking.

Place the order.

Provide the requirements. (See questionnaire in a separate file.)

Confirm payment. Please note that the subscription will be renewed automatically unless canceled by the customer before the next billing.

2. Setup: Server and Database Provisioning. 

Subscription provisioning or setup will take 24-72 hours with initial configuration already loaded. Each subscriber will have their own database instance. Lead time 1 - 2 days.

Meanwhile, links to video manuals will be sent to you, including download resources like templates.

3. Company Administrator Account. 

The company administrator's account indicated on the Registration Form will be created for you. Use this account to log-in the first time. Please do not forget to change your password immediately. Your company can use this account to add more users as needed. tales 1 hour.

4. Ready Notification, Welcome Kit and Support

A ready notification email will be sent out to the Company Administrator's email address when your system is ready to use.

A welcome email kit will also be sent with instructions on how to get started. The kit includes instructions on:

How to log-in.
How to add your users and assign them to groups
Starting a workflow
Using the dashboard
Tracking progress
How to delegate tasks
Cancelling a workflow
Other day-to-day functions
Our customer Support personnel will be supporting you via chat, phone or email for a whole month while you get started. Less than 30 minutes set up.